Bobux Kid+ Pioneer Boot Airforce Blue


  • £52.00

The Bobux KID+ range is the new Bobux range now going up to size 33 of sneakers, sandals, boots and more for kids up to around 8 years old. Whether they are running, jumping, climbing or chasing, kids need shoes that allow them to push the boundaries and get active - all while supporting their natural foot development.
Cool & effortless riding boot style suitable for formal and everyday wear.
The i-walk KID+ range has been designed specifically for a confident walkers foot with a natural shape, flexibility and easy fit.
Built on Bobux custom IWalk last and in line with foot health best practice for the Toddler and Preschooler stage.

SIZE GUIDE (Inner sole measurement:) 117mm=EU18=Uk2 //124mm=EU19=UK3//131mm=EU20=Uk3.5//138mm=EU21=UK4.5 145mm=EU22=Uk5//151mm=Eu23=Uk6//158mm=EU24=Uk7//166mm=Eu25=Uk7.5 172mm=EU26=Uk8.5//178mm=EU27=Uk9//185mm=EU28=UK10//191mm=EU29=Uk11 198mm=EU30=Uk11.5//205mm=Eu31=UK12//212mm=EU32=UK13//219mm=Eu33=UK1