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About Babymonsters


In September 2011 a 'Babymonster' named Astrid was born, there began the search by her mum, for all her clothes and shoes. In August 2013 Babymonsters the online store was created.

We stock shoes for boys and girls up to Size 35 (39 for school shoes) and clothes for boys and girls (0-8 for girls and 0-4 for boys) along with a selection of socks and tights.



About Us


'Babymonster' Astrid is now a walking, talking monster. Mum's (Lisa) background is in accounting and banking but her passion is shopping. She grew up and lived most of her life in Australia, but has been living in London for the past 12 years. Theres also Dad (Richard) who you probably won’t come across, because he tries to keep as far away as possible from any talk of kids clothes and shoes.




With so many brands in our stock its hard to summarise into a single style. The underlying philosophy is to try to bring together a wide selection of quality brands from across the globe, all with unique designs and made with beautiful materials.

For shoes it means offering a selection, suitable for all purposes: from a very plain shoe that can be worn everyday, to a special occasion shoe. Oh and I almost forgot... the most important aspect being able to offer a selection other than pink for girls! Whilst pink has its place, I also like more neutral colours, as for me they are easier to match across outfits. So every season we hope to offer neutral options alongside the more on-trend colours and patterns.

Hope you enjoy the selection as much as I enjoyed choosing it


Lisa and the babymonsters team xx